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Nail That Query Letter (Fiction)

To help you write a query letter that’s tough to reject, check out these articles and blogs, many written by people who actually read query letters, thousands of them, for a living. You’ll get general advice, find examples of edited letters, and…

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Find the Right Agent for Your Book

Landing an agent is one of the most important steps in the traditional publishing process. Here are a a few nearly foolproof methods for finding the best agents to pitch.

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5 Tips for Writing Self-Help Books that Actually Help

Writing self-help books can establish credibility, attract clients, and build your brand. But change can be challenging, so make sure your book isn’t.

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Does Your Book Have a Hook? (Fiction)

Grab your readers from word one. Here are five guidelines to creating a compelling introduction, one that will have them turning pages, skipping dinner, and buying your book.

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5 Spot-On First Sentences and Why They Work

Agents, publishers, and lit mag editors battle inboxes lousy with submissions. Don’t let them toss yours off and move to the next. Hook them with the first sentence. Here are some of my favorites to help you craft your own.

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